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4 min readDec 24, 2020

We already introduced our new app called Vapour to the community in our recent article, and gave insights about this Carbon Footprint Accounting System.

Vapour app built to fight for a cleaner environment and help to ensure a greener future by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions into the air.

What is the meaning of ‘Vapour’?

When a substance turns from a solid or liquid into a gas, the process is called vaporization. Vapour or Vapor is a mass of very small drops of liquid in the air or refers to a gas-phase material that normally exists as a liquid or solid under a given set of conditions. A good synonym for vapour is gas.

Anyone can use this Vapour app by creating an account on it, and this account’s identity is integrated with Hydro ID.

[Note: This app is still in beta stage, so everything included in the app is not complete, some features are still in development. Application not available yet on Play Store, we applied for Play Store listing, so it will be live for the general public in 2 weeks. In the meantime the testers chosen by the community will be using the app.]

Start Screen:

There are 4 options displayed on the start screen of the Vapour app:

  1. Create a Vapour Account
  2. Connect from another device
  3. Connect from Backup
  4. Connect to management server

Using these options you can create a new Vapour account, connect from another device, connect from backup or restore the account. All of these operations are performed using your username, so this username will be a key to access your account on Vapour app.

In this app, there are a total of 5 tabs available such as, Budget, Emissions, Live Feed, News, and Settings.


Using this tab, you can set monthly budget for your emissions. Also contains beautiful circular graphs to get an idea of your emissions details. This graph shows the data of the current month as well as for the current whole year.


You can add emission(s) details from this tab. Needed to add details like emission name, type, quantity, and a date when it occurred. There are mainly four types of emission to choose from like Transport, Food, Streaming, Electricity, and also a Custom for the custom details.

There is a parameter that will be used for calculation of emission like kilometer distance for transport, grams quantity for food, hours of duration for streaming, and kWh for electricity.

Live Feed:

This tab allows you to post messages and upload media related to carbon footprint, and can comment on other’s posts too. There’s also options available such as Copy Link, Reply, Share, and Report.


This tab gives all the latest news feed on the climate change and carbon footprint. Also allows you to read whole news directly within the app.


All of the user’s and application’s settings are available under this tab. Options available such as,

  • Profile Name, Username, and Identity information available under Profile section. Also options available for Backup Account and Forgot Password.
  • The About section contains information about this app.
  • The My Location section provides an option to choose a country to improve emissions calculations based on its location.
  • The Support us section provides information to support this project by donating.
  • The Logout section available to log-off from the app.
  • And Project Hydro’s Roadmap and social media links are also available.

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