Introducing Vapour — A Carbon Footprint Accounting System from Project Hydro

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3 min readOct 30, 2020

Hello Readers!!

Trust you are all doing good and things are getting back to normal with you after some turbulent couple of months with the rampaging Covid 19 virus.

Today, we would like to present to you a new product being developed by the Hydro team which will further help the world in the fight for a cleaner environment and a reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the air.

As we all know, blockchain technology continues to grow both in popularity and in usage as many industries are coming to the reality of the solutions that this wonderful technology offers. Not only does blockchain offer a secure and fast means of transaction but the team at Hydro has developed an application called "Vapour" which is built to combat climate change and ensure a greener future.

What is Vapour?

Vapour is a carbon footprint accounting system from Project Hydro which provides us with the tools not only to quantify and measure carbon emissions into our environment but also to help us make informed decisions regarding mitigation strategies. In consistency with WHO goal of reducing emissions of CO2 and short-lived climate pollutants like black carbon, methane, and ozone. The Hydro team has come up with yet another brilliant application or product which helps people to quantify carbon emissions in their daily lives to ensure it is consistent with daily maximum acceptable.

The Vapour can also be used by companies and countries to work out how much carbon they are emitting into the atmosphere, this is known as a greenhouse gas inventory. Once it has been established how much carbon is being emitted, reduction targets can be set. This method is also important for helping to assign responsibility to different parties for their associated carbon emissions.

Vapour System

Vapour system divided in two parts- Individual & Business, and anyone can be a part of this by simply registering using Hydro Id.

Registered individual will be rewarded:

  • By registering and referring.
  • By maintaining the carbon footprint downtrend.
  • Enrolled automatically in the lottery after accomplishing certain trend goals.
  • By actively engaging by doing some tasks such as uploading images.

Registered business:

  • Agri, Supply chain, Manufacturing, Health care.
  • Audit score of carbon footprint.
  • For each source we will identify emission level, global percentile, impact (financial and climatic).

Vapour Individual Architecture

Vapour individual architecture built using Snowflake smart contract, Hydro Oracle, and IPFS. User wallet contains Hydro ID, Carbon Footprint calculation, and Images.

Vapour Architecture for Individual Users

Vapour Business Architecture

Vapour business architecture built using Snowflake smart contract, Hydro Oracle and Hydro Sidechain. Business wallet contains Hydro ID, Carbon Footprint calculation & impact and mitigation assessment.

Vapour Architecture for Business Users

In summary, Hydro's Vapour helps with the following:

  • How much carbon is being emitted?
  • Who is responsible for these emissions?
  • Which methods should we employ to achieve the biggest carbon reductions?
  • Are there strategies or policies which appear 'green' but could increase our carbon emissions?

Hydro's Vapour can help us to answer all these questions.

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