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Welcome to the 6th day of our announcement week. This week has been really amazing. We are honored to receive such support from our lovely community. Our developers were working tirelessly for the last 6 months on many products simultaneously like Donation dApp, Voteum dApp, Vapour App, and of course ÆGIR Web Wallet. After working for 4 months tirelessly we are really very excited to announce the teaser and first look of our Hydro Remittance app.

In this article we will go through the Remittance app step by step.

As soon as users will go inside the app they will be greeted with above screens.

After that users will be sent to the registration screen. Where;

  1. Users have to fill up the information that is mandatory to register in the app.
  2. When the registration process finishes, the notification is shown to the user saying activate the account from the verification email.
  3. When the notification is closed the user is redirected to the home page. As shown below.

After registration users will be sent to above screens, from here users will be able to Send and Receive/Request Money.

After selecting Send Money option, users will sent to above screen, where users will have to fill up details like;

  • How does recipient will receive the money
  • How would sender/users like to send money to recipient
  • Recipient Card number or Bank account number
  • Recipient details like Name, Phone number, Country, Identification details, Employment status etc.

After submitting all the information users will be sent to a screen where they can review all the information they submitted and after confirming they can click the SEND button to approve the Remittance transaction.

Users will receive notifications when they will receive money from their friends and family. They will also have the option to receive notification on WhatsApp, E-Mail and Telegram.

[Note: We recently completed the development of Remittance app and integrated 3rd party API’s for fiat/crypto services. Currently we are doing testing, we will be testing the application aggressively for the next couple of weeks before releasing it to the public.]

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