The Genesis of Keresverse

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3 min readSep 16, 2022


Hey Hydrofam!

As many of you might already know, we have been building a new GameFi platform that we have named Keresverse. It is a fully featured triple A fast paced FPS PC Game built with unreal engine 5 for maximum immersiveness connected to the blockchain for immutable ownership of the games native Assets.

It’s been quite an experience to build this new ecosystem from the ground up, all of the lore that has been carefully intertwined and written specifically for Keresverse, the skins sculpted from materials we have invented and willed to life in our own world. From the Agents that have been crafted with great care to fit within the universe to the Keresian art style that has been grown from blood, sweat and tears.

After a lot of hard work planning, designing and building we are finally ready to share our first Alpha of Keresverse with our community so that we may receive some feedback to further enhance our creation.

Let’s talk a bit about how the Keresverse Alpha will transpire shall we?

Keresverse is a vast and extensive undertaking with many modular parts that need to be fully tested in isolation and in dynamic cooperation. Therefore we have chosen to split up the different modular parts into separate tests for evaluation first.

To start off the Keresverse Alpha, we shall begin with evaluating the most central part to Keresverse — the gameplay experience. This means that the first Alpha we release for evaluation is not connected to the blockchain and is solely focused on the gameplay.

Participants of the Alpha will be rewarded with an Allocation of Keres Tokens for participation in the Alpha. The reward will consist of 100000 Keres Tokens and a NFT Title exclusive to Alpha testers.

In order to join the Keresverse Alpha, you will need to apply on the Keresverse website.

Alpha testers will be required to answer some questions and sign an NDA.

The application form will be open for 2 weeks on the Keresverse website.

If you meet the criteria in alpha testers that we are looking for — you will be added to a private discord server which will be the basis for the Alpha squad.

Once your NDA has been signed — you will receive the Keresverse Alpha along with an ID number for submitting feedback and bug reports from the various tests together with a copy of Keresverse of course.

Unfortunately — this means that we will limit the Participants in the Keresverse Alpha to those that first and foremost meet the System Requirements for running Keresverse on their PC in order to perform a successful alpha evaluation.

Therefore we have decided to treat our wonderful community to a surprise consisting of some new video footage of Keresverse, a small token of appreciation for your support. We hope that you will enjoy this new Gameplay footage from the Keresverse Alpha.

We are really proud and super excited to share the Keresverse Alpha with everyone, so please head over to and apply today!

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:



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