Project Hydro onboarded marketing firm “Blockchain Network Philippines”

Blockchain Network Philippines or BNPH is a Blockchain consulting and marketing firm and has a history of maintaining solid relationships with the most powerful influencers and investors in the Industry. Till now they have supported more than 100+ Crypto projects and have around 12 Venture capitals.

We have onboarded this marketing firm to help expand our growth in this evolving crypto industry. They will help us to gain significant traction across multiple markets within a short span of time.

The BNPH team has more than 70 talented individuals like Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Community Managers, Growth Hackers, Advisers, and Crypto & Blockchain Enthusiasts. Their team members are specialized in many variant fields like Community Management, Guerilla Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and many more.

Our service agreement with BNPH includes service of brand building and social media management. As per this agreement, few persons from their team will work with us to promote Hydro.


For brand building, their team will be responsible for creating, spreading and supporting contents regarding Hydro across different social media platforms on a daily basis. Through organic engagement, they will try to get the attention of crypto influencers and investors.


Under this service, their team will handle the prudent growth of the project’s main social media handle. Their personnel like Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Video Editor, Music producer, and Graphics Designer will work to align with our goals.

BNPH Clients:

BNPH has a long list of clients including big names like LBank, Chainlink, Certik, Cosmos, Status, Dream Quest, Heroes Empire, and many more.

BNPH Partners & Venture Capitals:

BNPH also has many Partners and Ventures within their radar which helps to get financial support for their clients.

About Blockchain Network Philippines:

Blockchain Network Philippines is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a vision to help crypto projects turn from zero to hero by helping establish their names in the crypto world. They are specialized in Community Management, Guerilla Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and more.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:




Security & Identity on the Blockchain.

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Project Hydro

Project Hydro

Security & Identity on the Blockchain.

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