Project Hydro and CoinNewsExtra form media partnership

Partnership between Project Hydro & CoinNewsExtra

We are excited to announce another media partnership with CoinNewsExtra. CoinNewsExtra is a media platform that reports news and covers events on Fintech, Al and Blockchain happening all around the world.

CoinNewsExtra is a network connected platform that aims to create massive awareness and in-depth orientation to youths on financial freedom and life in general. They educate people about crypto and blockchain technology.

This partnership is about the promotion of Project Hydro, includes a comprehensive project review, company interview sessions, publication, media & event coverage, and news report.

About CoinNewsExtra:

CoinNewsExtra is the fastest growing Cryptocurrency, Fintech, and Blockchain media platform based in Nigeria, West Africa, covering news across Africa and the world at large, with lots of audience. CoinNewsExtra has the mission of spreading the good news about the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) in Africa and the world at large, bringing information and education about these 4IR technology to your fingertips.

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Web3 Architects building the future of GameFi. We are DeFi, We are Hydro.

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