Keresverse Alpha Announcement

Project Hydro
2 min readOct 3, 2022

Greetings All Keresians!
We have closed our Alpha Application to the Keresverse.

To begin we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone that participated by applying to the Alpha — We are very happy with the response we have received yet sad that we aren’t able to accommodate all of the applicants with a spot in the Alpha test.

To those that were not selected, we apologise and invite you to try in the future upcoming beta tests.

To all the applicants that were selected for the Alpha test, you have received an invite with an attached NDA to the email you applied with and we are now in the process of onboarding everyone. We look forward to a month filled with feedback and bug squashing that will elevate the gameplay experience that Keresverse brings within its battle arena.

As we peer into the future of what Keresverse will ultimately become, let me leave you with a quote from the Codex: Keresia — our tome of knowledge concerning everything that constitutes as the lore of Keresverse.

“Their presence can not be seen in our universe as they can not exist in our realm. Our laws of physics render them incapable of manifesting in their physical presence within our universe without causing instant annihilation.”

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