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3 min readMay 30, 2022
Keres Voucher (KVS) symbol

With the launch of the HydroSwap V2, we are also proud to announce the first Hydro Staking contract that distributes rewards related to our upcoming play to earn GameFi platform Keresverse.

Hydro Staking

The Hydro staking contract is compatible with Hydro tokens on the BSC network. Stakers will yield on average 0.00000043 Keres Vouchers (KVS) per Hydro staked per minute.
Initially, the APR will start off with an annual return rate of 244% but as the APR is dynamic and favours early adopters, each time a new stake is opened the reward rate decreases by 0.001%.

To give an example, suppose a user stakes 10000 Hydro Tokens for 24 hours the user will be rewarded with approximately 6.26 KVS (Keres Vouchers) for that day. The stakeholder is responsible for claiming the rewards generated by the stake and the rewards can be claimed at any time. If a stake has been initiated and the user wants to end that stake, there is a 7-day lockup period before the users’ Hydro tokens become liquid again.

Keres Vouchers

Keres Vouchers is a BEP20 token that will be redeemable for Keresverse ERC-1155 NFTs. One Keres Voucher equals one 100% random Keresverse ERC-1155 NFT and when the NFTs are redeemed the Keres Voucher is burned because its only function has been served.

The Keres vouchers will be redeemable through a smart contract that will launch together with the Keresverse. When redeemed through this contract, each NFT is randomly generated which means that each Keres Voucher contains an NFT that can range from Weapons, Agents, and Gear in class and Xylium to Veintur in Tier.

This introduces the element of chance when redeeming the vouchers that will give everyone the same prospects of yielding the most exclusive NFTs of the Keresverse.

Keresverse NFT Tiers. Read more

Let’s break it down even further,

Each individual Xylium Devorator skin will have a total supply of only 1million and there will be 20 designs of the Xylium Devorator skin whereas each individual Veintur skin will have a total supply of 100 Skins per design with only 3 designs of the Veintur skins being minted.
This introduces a range of rarity that will be reflected when redeeming the Keres Vouchers.

Xantor Bone Shotgun without killing spree animations. Total supply of 100,000 Skins
Xantor Bone Shotgun with full killing spree animations. Total supply of 100,000 Skins

Total Supply

Now let’s talk supply, the supply of Keres Vouchers is based on the Keresverse NFTs supply — all the NFTs in the Weapons, Agents, and Gear classes ranging from the Xylium to Veintur Tiers. Therefore, In total there are 402,992,200 Keresverse NFTs that are reserved for the community as staking rewards through the staking of Hydro on multiple platforms.

Out of that, we will distribute 50% (201,497,100) of the Keresverse NFTs using the Keres Voucher method on the HydroSwap v2.

This means that the total supply of Keres Vouchers (ticker: KVS) to be distributed is 201,497,100 KVS. The remaining 201,497,100 Keresverse NFTs (50% of the reserved amount) will be distributed through Hydro staking directly within Keresverse when the platform launches.

More information regarding Keresverse Tokenomics and NFTs can be found in our Grimorium Keresverse.

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