Hydro Growth Squad Program


The Hydro Growth Squad program is the marketing campaign for the crypto fans who are the true believers of Hydro and want to spread information and awareness about Project Hydro.
Hydro Growth Squad are active Project Hydro community members who are passionate about building local communities around Hydro and help to make the project succeed. They will have to discuss and submit updates of their work on a regular basis.


As a part of the Hydro Growth Squad, you will help energize the Hydro community in your local community. All participants must have to pass the below requirements:

  1. Profound knowledge of the Project Hydro ecosystem and protocols.


Hydro Growth Squad will get these benefits:

  1. You will be rewarded with HYDRO token for your activities.


Connect with other Hydro Growth Squad members, learn from each other, and think about new ideas. These members from around the world are making a change in creating prosperity for all.

You will interact on different social media platforms, share projects news and updates, create posts-articles-videos-infographics, and promote our project on the internet. These activities will be meant to spread interest in the project with different communities and organizations.

Apply here:


You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:

Security & Identity on the Blockchain. https://projecthydro.org/

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