Hydro Growth Squad Program



  1. Profound knowledge of the Project Hydro ecosystem and protocols.
  2. Write, speak, and share about Hydro in English and/or local language.
  3. Engage through different social media platforms including Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, and others.
  4. Build relationships with local communities and businesses that could benefit from Project Hydro.
  5. Organize local or online events, meetups, and webinars.
  6. Have to keep track of your activities.


  1. You will be rewarded with HYDRO token for your activities.
  2. Develop meaningful relationships with the Project Hydro team.
  3. Help shape the future of the Hydro protocol and community culture.


Apply here:



Web3 Architects building the future of GameFi. We are DeFi, We are Hydro. https://projecthydro.org/

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