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6 min readMay 11, 2021


Happy Tuesday Everyone! The pandemic has affected many Countries and activities around the world, and our team isn’t left out. Either someone in our team or someone in their family/relatives are sick, we’re hoping for their speedy recovery but blockchain never sleeps and the rest of us are working hard behind the scenes, developing products, dApps, and services. From today we’re starting Bi-weekly Development Update’s for our community.

As you guys know Project Hydro is an open source decentralized project. No single entity owns Hydro. Couple of months ago, we gave grants to 2 companies to build their products on top of Hydro (Bloceducare & Eternity-Live). So, at the moment we have 3 Companies that are concurrently building their products on top of Hydro.

Let’s start with what Hydro foundation is working on;

Aegir Wallet

We were working on various bug fixes, also taking suggestions from the communities, and will continue to do so. We have built transaction history screens for TUSC, ETH, and ERC20 cards to display all of the past transactions. We have made some improvements on TUSC card like setting proper texts & state messages, and decimals correction. For the same, we are also taking notes from our partner- TUSC Network.

We will be working on Implementation of transaction history screens on BNB and BEP20 cards as well. Showing transaction fee estimation during withdrawals, just before sending the transaction. Displaying holding balance in Fiat currency, and also for the withdrawal transaction.

We also received a lot of feedback from our community regarding the wallet UI and you guys would be happy to know that we are working on revamping the UI/UX of Aegir wallet, we have prepared a user-friendly Prototype and beautiful Style guide for Aegir Wallet. Unfortunately, We cannot share new prototype with you yet as it’s not yet fully functional, but you guys can check out some of the screenshots of the new UI here:

Snowflake dApp Store

Our Snowflake dApp store was following the same UI for the last couple of years & we thought it’s about time our Snowflake store have a new UI. That’s why we’re working on overhauling Snowflake dApp Store UI, and making the new color scheme by following the new Style guide. This will also help us to ensure a similar colour scheme throughout the Hydro ecosystem.

Hydro Escrow Bridge

Some of you guys must be thinking what exactly is Hydro bridge?

It’s a Bridge that will allow the conversion of Hydro ERC20 tokens to Hydro BEP20 tokens or vice versa. Bridge has been in development for the last couple of months, and got deployed on testnet about 4 weeks ago. While testing we observed HIGH Ethereum gas fees and some other issues. We believed that high gas fees would scare or at least it’ll be difficult for some of our Hydro holders to swap tokens, So we decided to work on an alternative solution, where the bridge will use Hydro tokens instead of Ethereum as gas fees, we’re really excited to release it to the community. Be on a lookout for an announcement.


HydroSwap is one of our biggest and major products till date. It will not just be a DEX (decentralized exchange), it will be a full-featured DeFi platform running on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) just like PancakeSwap. Development is still ongoing, we will share more info regarding it in our next development update.

Apart from these, We successfully redeployed Hydro token back in February, we also distributed the Phase 1 tokens, around 10k+ holders received the new Bep-20 tokens in their personal wallet (you guys can check the details here https://bscscan.com/token/0xf3dbb49999b25c9d6641a9423c7ad84168d00071) and we completed the Phase 2 distribution on CoinEx. As for phase 3 we’re working with the exchanges to complete it as soon as possible. At the moment we are about to distribute tokens to IDEX holders. We are also in contact with Mercatox, Stex & Bitmart to distribute tokens as soon as possible. Please be calm and wait for our further instructions through our social media platforms.


As promised by Bloceducare, they’ll be developing dApps for our Snowflake store. To fulfill the commitment they’re developing Hydro Lottery Contract for Hydro Lottery dApp and also working on Hydro Chess dApp.

Hydro Lottery

How will the Hydro lottery work ?

To participate in Hydro Lottery, users will be required to purchase a ticket which is a sort of Hydro NFT and each ticket will assign 4 random numbers to the owner. Each round uses VRF oracles to generate 4 random numbers. There will be no maximum number of tickets for each round.

20% of all hydro spent on tickets will be burnt. For example, in a round, if the total hydro accumulated is 10000 hydro, so 2000 hydro tokens will be burnt and the remaining 8000 tokens will be shared to the winners respectively.

We’re really excited to see lottery dApp in action. We will be working closely with the Bloceducare team to release it as soon as possible. We will share more updates in our next development update.

Hydro Chess

The second product Bloceducare is working on is Hydro Chess. They’re taking a step back from developing an standalone app that users need to download on their PC which we started considering will affect mass adoption of the dApp. Instead of that, they started a redesign and will be building a web dApp. So Users can easily play this game directly from their browser. User’s will also be able to use Chess dApp on Aegir Mobile wallet.


The Ethernity.live team has been working on Remittance App, and Media Platform for the last couple of months. Read below in detail for each of the projects like what have been done during the past week(s) and what are the plans for next week(s).

Remittance App

Most of our community already knows about Remittance app, we released a teaser a while back through our social media outlets. There are still a couple of things to be done in the Remittance app, but most of the back-end side code is complete. For the next couple of weeks they will be working on overhauling the Front-end side(UI/UX) to make it simple yet beautiful and to have similar colour schemes throughout the Hydro ecosystem.

Media Platform

The Media Platform is one of the new products on which they have been working on since the last few months. This product is a combination of Youtube & Twitch.

Media Platform is all about events and live shows. Where creators will be able to perform or share their talents, plus users can interact with them directly. They have already included many features in this product like, Billboard, Ticketing system, Visor for shows, Selfies and videos mosaic, and Messages panel.

Media Platform is the multiple use-cases platform, and there will be a lot of features that can be added on it, for example, creators can convert their personalized art & albums in NFT’s & sell to their fans/audience. Camera map is the next feature in the pipeline that they’re going to Integrate.

These are all of the development updates ongoing on our platform.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:



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