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6 min readSep 2, 2022


Good evening everyone. We are back with another development update but before we proceed, let’s first address the elephant in the room.

The current market situation.

The crypto market has been through very turbulent conditions in the last couple of months. Some crypto firms have laid off employees, halted withdrawals, and a few even filed for bankruptcy to stem their losses.

Despite all this, we at Project Hydro believe in the vision of blockchain and its impact on our world and this helps us to keep on building even in tougher times.

(#Build and a big shoutout to CZ)

Now that’s out of the way let’s get on with the development updates of July and August.

Multi-chain Deployment

The Hydro Ecosystem evolved yet again in July as we have successfully deployed the Hydro Token on two new blockchains, CoinEx Smart Chain and Moonriver.

We are also happy to announce that after thorough testing our Hydro Bridge now supports the newly added blockchains. This means that now our users can swap their Hydro Tokens to CoinEx Smart Chain or Moonriver to enjoy their respective benefits!

Aegir Wallet

Our developers have updated the Aegir Wallet to support both new blockchains that the Hydro Token was deployed upon. Users can now store their swapped Hydro Tokens in Aegir Wallet securely.

The Design overhaul of Aegir Wallets UI and UX is in progress with a new design being evaluated and tested. Additionally Developers have deployed Snowflake protocol on the Moonriver chain to prepare for Q3 updates.


The Keresverse Team has made significant progress the last few weeks in preparing our first Demo. Keresverse has made the transition to UE 5.1.0 which has been further streamlined with a new workflow to significantly improve future patchwork and updates pending the public beta test.

Now lets run through some of the most important updates that have already made it to the game.

  • Several new smooth animations have been implemented which gives a new depth of immersiveness while playing.
  • Modular Ability System which allows for the expansion of abilities as we introduce new agents.
  • Agent Selection Menu while starting a new Practice match or Custom match.
  • In Game Buying Menu and Credit system for buying weapons within a match.
  • 3 Agents; Serah, Vox and Nuala have made it to Keresverse and can now be selected from the Agent selection menu when starting a match.

These updates have made a large improvement to the Gameplay and feel of Keresverse bringing us yet another step closer to the first Public Beta of Keresverse.

Let’s talk about design as well, shall we? Our Designers have finished quite a few new skin lineups, all of the weapons have been covered now but in this article we specifically want to share the new “Keresian Wex” skins featuring 6 weapons.







These skins will be classed as Weiznig and will ultimately come with a custom set of animations that will make for quite an intriguing experience when used.

Keresverse Concept Art

To end this developmental update we want to share some of the Concept Art that has inspired our vast undertaking in creating the Keresverse. When the embers that later sparked into the Fire that now is Keresverse first appeared we knew that we wanted to create an immersive realm with its own original lore catering to its visual experience.

So we set out on a journey to will these beings into existence while moulding the universe that they would inherit. These are some of those artworks that have laid a foundational stone in how the Keresverse environments, characters, weapons and lore have taken shape.

Please enjoy them together with a contextual quote from the Codex: Keresia that alludes to their meaning. Ave IXA Keres!

1. “They consume the spirit of all things that breathe with voracious lust.”

2. “We shall transform their land into our image so that Trixaz may sprout from the earth.”

3. “Our farms will gather them in glorious combat, we shall feed on their fears with voracious lust.”

4. “We shall harness the stars to craft this world into our image, none shall escape.”

5. “On the grounds below our temple we shall bind them, awaiting Yaldavazins desires.”

6. “We have been observing, crafting our plans to consume your realm. We will be thorough.”

7. “Transmuting the environment to suit our crusade has been vital to our success — soon the rivers of this earth will sprout new fabrics for this reality to weave.”

8. “Remnants of our ancestors, swept under the rugs of war, famine and despair.”

9. “Bending the laws of physics to my will, my position remains a riddle to my prey. Doors will open and doors will close.”

10. “Mindless drones enslaved and directed through a hivemind serving at my whim. We feed them scraps and demand their allegiance, it is a fruitful exchange.” — Magus Yaldavazin, Grand Magus of The Keresian Order

11. “The endless hallways of the xylium underground houses dank taverns where people drink alone to escape their demons.”

12. “A node in our vast network of Realmshapers designed to tear down the seams of this environment and allow our Trixaz to manifest.”

13. “Reserved for the class of Veintur — the utmost elite of this dystopia will have their palaces of decadence to distract them from their doom.”

14. “The obelisks of Weiznig stretch like trees for the sun to power them but continue down for miles into the earth where they extract the minerals we shape into tools of war.”

15. “Suspended high above the apex of my Pyramid, like royalty of the Veintur aristocracy we shall feast. The sunset is a luxury reserved only for the owners of Land.”

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