Hydro Development Updates 29 April 2022

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3 min readMay 2, 2022


Good day, Hybros and Keresians! We’ve returned with the April Month’s Development Update to provide you an update on the status of our projects. Last month, we have completed everything on the roadmap except HydroSwap V2, which will be released soon.

Aegir Wallet

We have released new updated version of Aegir Wallet on the Play Store as well as on the App Store, which now also supports Matic (Polygon) token.

For Q2, priority will be implementation of tokens/coins to a separate JSON file. We will continue to implement new functionalities and address vulnerabilities in the Aegir wallet. Also unifying the version numbering system used by Aegir Wallet on both stores.

HydroSwap V2

Hydro team are aware that our community is questioning the status of HydroSwap V2, and we apologize for the delay in its release. A few technical difficulties have delayed the process, but be assured that our developers are working hard to release it. They have been working on resolving front-end and typescript related issues and also some package compatibility related problems.

As soon as it is ready for release, we will let you know. So, please stay tuned for now.


HydroBridge has been released with the support of Polygon Network. During the last 1 month period, we’ve tested HydroBridge across Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon network and then deployed the front-end and back-end of Bridge. Additionally, the User Experience was improved, several bugs were resolved, and detailed transaction costing is displayed.


Keresverse Logo

The team was putting the last touches on the Grimorium Keresverse Whitepaper before publicly releasing it. A game character and several weapon designs were also made available.

Work on Codex Keresia, the Runes of Keresia, and the agent compendium are all still in the works. More details of this will be laid out in the Character & Land Compendium. Designing works such as Graphical Profile, Style guide of Keresverse and land prototyping is in progress. Also preparing Keresverse Diamond, Keresverse Lore, and Keresverse Smart Contract architecture as well.

For the advancements, we migrated the weapon and character systems from UE4 to UE5, implemented multiple callbacks and RPCs, and switched most of the code from blueprints to C++.

The developers are working on a multiplayer plugin to make the game more engaging. Character mobility and weapon mechanics such as picking up, dropping, swapping, and aiming at points are also being improved.

Artists are working on a variety of game characters as well as a large number of NFTs. They’re looking into weapon designs, along with map layouts for the battle arena and Land tokens for the placeholder. Also preparing the Keresverse Marketplace by tweaking it to make it more user-friendly.

In addition to the above updates, team members are also working on a variety of other tasks like,

  • Preparing a Pitch Deck.
  • Funding meetings with VCs.
  • Following up different Grant programs.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:



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