Hydro Development Updates 27 January 2022

Aegir Wallet

Polygon Deployment

HydroSwap V2



  • Research: R&D is necessary before developing anything. So, the developers are researching the 1155 implementation on polyscan to see how it can be used in KeresVerse, and the logic codebase for the JavaScript part of the KeresVerse.
  • Whitepaper: Work of completing KeresVerse’s whitepaper or gitbook is ongoing, the main text part is already produced. But apart from the text, we’re also thinking of integrating the flow chart of the Smart Contracts in it. Thereafter, this first draft will be reviewed by the whole team, and then will be deployed on KeresVerse website.
  • Tokenomics: Tokenomics is the heart of any crypto projects. So does in KeresVerse as it is an important part of the platform. Work is ongoing on the cooperation between hi-tech and magical abilities in the meta of KeresVerse, which will be heavily played into the tokenomics of the platform.
  • UI: On the frontend (JavaScript) side of the game, there will be a need for several interfaces for users to interact with the underlying smart contracts, which will produce an effect for them in the KeresVerse. Interfaces like Casino, Marketplace or Battle Arena will begin to see daylight. React versions of these interfaces can be evaluated with the testnet Keres Token contracts. Currently setting up the minting contracts on testnet, so as soon as it completes, we can progress to the NFT interfaces afterwards.
  • Contracts: On the backend (Solidity) side of the game, we are thinking and working on the Minting contracts and how their relation to the Staking hydro contracts will be, like how yield reward will be distributed to each stacker and fix the yield curve to obtain the total supply of the NFTs that aren’t spendable.
  • Game Demo: Working on internal demo of UE4 (Ultra Engine) game. It will take some time, because we have faced some blockages on M1 architecture during compilation stages. We are trying to resolve these issues and simultaneously we would be checking if the same issues persist on the Intel based architecture or not.
  • Public Repository: Whipping up hack build of the open world part of KeresVerse like moving these map-based interfaces from concept to reality. So, we are keeping an initial repo setup where the JavaScript code and all the contracts and react interfaces are collected. This will allow us to easily start the new frontend developer, as they by themselves will be able to set up branches to work from and once finished it can be simply merged into the main branch.



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