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5 min readMay 26, 2022

Good evening everyone. Before we go further, we wanna share our thoughts on this month’s biggest news. Even though Terra’s incident has been a setback for the entire crypto industry, we believe that moving forward the emerging web3 industry will be stronger and more secure. The integration of blockchain into various global industries such as gaming, supply chain, and many more are further augmented by the digitalization of many aspects of life.

We believe that web3 will continue to grow at an exponential rate and we are confident that this trend will help projects like ours to gain traction in the coming months and years.

May was a very productive month for Project Hydro, with progress being made on multiple fronts. Our game development team has made tremendous strides in terms of building the core infrastructure of Keresverse, and our front-end development is also moving along at a good pace. Now let’s take a detailed look at the progress of each product during May.

Aegir Wallet

The team has been working on a new user interface and experience that will greatly increase the Aegir Wallets utility within the Keresverse Ecosystem. The new interface will cater to the Keresverse players that seek extra utility from their hard earn skins.

In-app notifications have also been given a rework where some bugs were taken care of to display outgoing and received transactions, we are currently in the process of evaluating its functionality before releasing the update on the App Store and Play Store.

HydroSwap V2

Our developers have finally finished the development on the HydroSwap V2 and we will be launching that in the coming week with its launch comes a surprise for the community! We have developed a Staking Contract that will distribute the first rewards related to the Keresverse that will launch simultaneously on the HydroSwap V2.

Users will be able to stake their Hydro in order to farm Keres Vouchers that they will be able to redeem for Keresverse ERC-1155 NFTs. One Keres voucher will be equal to one 100% Random Keresverse NFT, meaning that each Keres voucher will have the chance to yield the most exclusive Veintur NFTs of Keresverse.

The APR of the Keres vouchers will start off at 244% and decrease by 0.001% per added stake, meaning that the APR will dynamically decrease with each Hydro token that is being staked which will favor early stakers.

To give an approximate example, suppose a user stakes 10000 Hydro Tokens for 24 hours the user will be rewarded with approximately 6.26 KVS (Keres Vouchers) for that day.

So make sure to prepare your Hydro so you can open your stake as early as possible to maximize your yield of Keres Vouchers. More information regarding the Keres Vouchers and the staking contract will be released in separate documentation.


This month has also been heavily focused on world-building within Keresverse. Our concept artist has been working on manifesting the lore within the game aesthetics. This has resulted in a lot of concept art that will evolve into immersive environments rendered by unreal engine 5. We have focused heavily on integrating the lore into visual assets such as the NFT skins, maps, and characters in order to give a layer of depth to the Keresverse.

Here is a first rendition of what the vast pyramidal cities of the Keres will look like, the apexes of their omnipotent might and chokehold on the human race.

The work on expanding the NFT collections has been progressing at a steady pace thanks to our talented concepts artists, new weapons and agents have taken form and are currently being rigged by our 3D artists for integration into the Keresverse Battle Arena. Some of the themes we have been working with lately include Bones and Crystals, and we look forward to revealing some of them in the coming weeks, so make sure to follow our social media for that.

Our talented game developers have begun creating a Practice Arena where players can hone their skills against Bots powered by artificial intelligence. The bots will have different skill levels so that players may try out different skins or simply practice in order to win more ranked matches.

In addition to that, the logic for different game modes has progressed quite far, the deathmatch mode being the first in line. The weapons system has also been given a deep rework and now features a First-Person Arm system with smoother animations.

Overall the transition to Unreal Engine 5 has greatly improved all aspects of Keresverse and its battle arena. It has allowed us to implement more immersive environments, animations, and movements. During our closed team testings this has resulted in a quite fast pace experience with very satisfying battles.

There is still some work to be done before we can open up the Keresverse for community beta testing but we are preparing the Keresverse website to take pre-registrations for that purpose so please stay tuned for that.

On the blockchain side, our developers have been crafting the marketplace architecture for integration in the Keres Diamond which will be vital to providing a smooth experience when trading NFTs in the Keresverse. Once the Keres Diamond has been completed we will send it off to be fully audited by Certik in order to ensure its security and stability.

The frontend work on Keresverse has progressed at a steady pace, and our design prototype has evolved into a react codebase featuring most of the design elements already where we have put a lot of effort into highlighting the NFTs of the Keresverse.

Team Updates

The Team has also been working on new internal routines and strategies for the Biz Dev and Marketing team in order to more effectively reach investors for Keresverse.

Additionally, we have also devised a new strategy for hiring a new Marketing Manager which has yielded a lot of interviews. This time we will make sure to include the community in the decision once the selection process has transpired.

So from all of us here at Project Hydro, Thank you for following us and our endeavors! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Ave IXA KERES! Have a great evening ♥️

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