Hydro Development Updates 24 February 2022

Aegir Wallet

Polygon Deployment

HydroSwap V2



  1. UI: Currently continuously working on KeresVerse UI and preparing the general description for the introduction UI. For the Lore part, it is near to completion and will be finished soon. Also preparing the KeresVerse website for the Pitch Deck, onboarding screens and menu. New UI/UX developers refactoring these onboarding screens.
  2. Whitepaper: Work of preparing the KeresVerse’s Blackbook is going on speedily. Yes, you heard it right, we’re calling it Blackbook instead of Whitepaper.
  3. Game Demo: Planning a demo of the UE4 (Ultra Engine) version using EOS. Also prepared and evaluated a launchable version of UE4 game for mac. Developers are making templates of team deathmatch as well. It is a FPS game, so there must be a person or the character in the game, so we are adding the characters as well.
  4. Pitch: We are working on preliminary mock-ups for the KeresVerse lore-based pitch deck which helps to attract investors & venture capitals. Later, it will be placed on the Website itself for public visibility.
  • Looking out for the IOS developer.
  • Looking out for the Video or Animation Editor.
  • Interviewing Concept and 3d Artist for the KeresVerse.
  • Preparing for the upcoming Dev Update Livestream with gameplay.
  • Marketing team’s preparation for the AMA and works on the content calendar.



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