Hydro Development Updates 18 November 2021

Welcome everyone to our monthly development update. We would like to start by wishing our Indian Hydro community a very Happy Diwali, may this festival of lights brighten up your life, bring happiness and prosperity, and demolish the mutiny of Covid.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s start this month’s update, if in case some of you guys might’ve missed our previous month’s update you can read it here. Please watch out for our Podcast series on YouTube where we discuss the latest crypto news as well as some spicy stuff and behind the scene details of Project Hydro. You can re-watch our Vice-president and President on these podcasts, with our very own amazing host- Bogdan, as they share thoughts on news around the world.

Team Expansion

As we mentioned in our last update, we are conducting interviews at the moment to expand our team. We have onboarded lot of new team members in last month. Let’s start with;

  • Erpreet Kour, Some of you guys might already know her, as she’s been active in our Telegram channel and interacting with the community since we onboarded her. She joined the team on 28th October 2021 as Digital Marketing Representative. She has a very diverse working experience, being an engineer by qualification, and also pursued her B.Ed (Bachelor of Education). Thereafter, she got into Digital marketing and has done Certification in Digital marketing as well.
  • Amyna Sajid Gajiyani, who is working as a Junior Business Developer since 6th November 2021. Her last company was Monster.com, where she was working as a senior BDM and also has 14 years of experience in concept selling.
  • Miss Annesha Paul, She’ll be joining us as a content creator. She has a passion for writing and believes in the innuendo style.

We hope that you guys will give your utmost support to the new team members like you have been giving to us until now. We will continue our search for more like minded team members. In meantime, If anyone of you guys or someone in your vicinity is interested to join our team, do send us your CV at team@projecthydro.org.

Aegir Wallet

In October (last month), the team was working on many things with high festive spirits throbbing in their bosom. To make our user’s interaction with Aegir Wallet more user friendly, we have added Web Viewer. This will help our users to view the transaction history in the block explorer of EtherScan and BscScan in the app itself, without ever leaving it. Validations have also been improved while adding a custom token.

We also added Contact Books, so now it’s possible for our users to add a new contact just by scanning the QR Code of the supported wallet. The same functionality is implemented in the sending transaction screen.

Aegir Wallet also supports managing NFT collectibles (ERC721) now, from directly within the wallet. As for the Settings screen, Export Keys functionality is operative now, so the users can save their Keys. Our Identity protocol- Snowflake is also implemented in the wallet to claim the HydroID for that particular wallet address.

You guys can expect much more exciting updates and new features for the future releases, including fingerprint functionality and iOS version of Aegir Wallet.

Media Platform

Our Media Platform is also in progress with the finest impeccable content. Currently, it is developed as a Web2 app, but the team is working on migrating it to Web3, implementation of Smart Contracts is also in progress. It will be completed by the end of this year and will be available on Android as well as iOS platform.

Hydro Chess dApp

Hydro Chess dApp development will be completed by the end of next week. At the moment it contains a basic UI design, but our team will be working on more advancements and new features in future updates. We will be performing internal testing concurrently so that we can make public release bugfree.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:




Security & Identity on the Blockchain. https://projecthydro.org/

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Project Hydro

Project Hydro

Security & Identity on the Blockchain. https://projecthydro.org/

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