Hydro Development Updates 18 November 2021

Team Expansion

  • Erpreet Kour, Some of you guys might already know her, as she’s been active in our Telegram channel and interacting with the community since we onboarded her. She joined the team on 28th October 2021 as Digital Marketing Representative. She has a very diverse working experience, being an engineer by qualification, and also pursued her B.Ed (Bachelor of Education). Thereafter, she got into Digital marketing and has done Certification in Digital marketing as well.
  • Amyna Sajid Gajiyani, who is working as a Junior Business Developer since 6th November 2021. Her last company was Monster.com, where she was working as a senior BDM and also has 14 years of experience in concept selling.
  • Miss Annesha Paul, She’ll be joining us as a content creator. She has a passion for writing and believes in the innuendo style.

Aegir Wallet

Media Platform

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