Hydro Development Updates 16 September 2021

Hello Hydro community, we are back with another Development Update. You can read about our previous development updates from here.

We are working on many things, be it development, marketing, or grants and currently looking at all different possibilities that we can use within our project.

As we have introduced our new team members in our last update, they have already started working on tasks that were assigned to them. We are also in the process to apply for grants so that we can expand our team and fast forward developments.

Our main plan for next quarter is to improve the products that we already have built. We will be making some new products but put most of the resources in building out refined versions of our beta products which were already released like AegirWallet, Hydro Swap, dApp Store, Vapour, Raindrop etc.

About Development Updates

Previously, we announced to our community that we will be releasing the bi-weekly development update but as it’s quite uneasy and time-consuming to coordinate with all our partner teams and compile all the updates, that’s why we have decided to release the development update on a monthly basis. Therefore, this monthly update will include last month’s development updates from our in-house development team as well as from our partner teams.

Our next development updates will include a Monthly YouTube live session with our developers and team members on call in order to help the community have a better understanding of the updates, have a look at the practical aspect and also get to ask questions through the live chat for clarifications.

Besides all these, we are happy to announce one other thing that our community will love for sure. To make our developments transparent, we decided to put every code in the Public GitHub Repository, and every change or update will be published directly on this repository. We also notified our partner developer teams to do the same, so the communities can see and get to know about every update by themselves.

Team Expansion

To fast-track the developments of our upcoming projects, we onboarded new team members. We had interviews with a number of candidates and selected 2 candidates to fill up our new positions. Let us introduce you guy to our new team members;

Lana Kosovenko, who joined Project Hydro as a Concept Artist, and will be working on our upcoming NFT project. She has excellent experience in creating concept art with a solid background as a Graphic Designer with the credentials to back it up.

Another member is Abhimanyu, and he will be joining as a 3D Renderer for the same project as Lana. He’s well experienced and could also work as a game developer if need be in the future.

Aegir Wallet

The team was working on updating all of the libraries that were used in the wallet because they were too old and may have security flaws. Implementation of notifications is completed, but for now, it’s working in a testing environment only, so further research is going on.

Developers have implemented the Testnet to speed up the development and make testing easier. Corrections have also been made on sending tokens for the Hydro BSC, Hydro ETH, BNB and ETH cards. While sending the crypto, now onwards equivalent USD value will be displayed as well, which make the transaction process more informative. We also added new Stablecoin Cards of USDT and DAI for receiving and sending these tokens. Password change functionality is also added in the Settings screen to allow users to change their wallet passwords.

The history screen in all of the cards has been enhanced. The network status is implemented which shows whether the wallet is connected with Mainnet or Testnet (where Testnet is only for internal testing purposes). Rectified white screen issue which was occurring during the Introduction screens. Also resolved the issue of the application getting stuck during recovering the wallet without entering the mnemonic phrase. We have done other minor bug fixing as well.

In the next release, the team will work on supporting NFTs, focusing on design specifications and contracts to make NFTs available in upcoming releases. We have prepared the design specification for that already and provided the same to the development team.

Hydro Chess dApp

Our partner team has onboarded a new developer, who has finished the gameplay built using Unity. The game is being tested out to make sure that each chess piece functionality is working properly.

Currently, the team is working on the overall front-end design including the chase pieces. The estimated time for front-end development is around 3 weeks, it will allow the community to test the game across all platforms. After that will work on integrating the Web3 or DeFi architecture of the game.

Hydro Lottery dApp

The front-end of the lottery is going on, and so far the actual design is completed. The Web3 implementation will be done using react and typescript and expected that testnet version will be completed in 10 days.

HydroSwap V2

The version 2 upgrades of the HydroSwap which will add support for hosting Initial Dex Offerings, new staking mechanisms, and utility for the Droplet token to name a few new features are currently being tested on the BSC testnet before we transition towards Mainnet tests and ultimately a live deployment.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:




Security & Identity on the Blockchain. https://projecthydro.org/

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Project Hydro

Project Hydro

Security & Identity on the Blockchain. https://projecthydro.org/

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