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5 min readMar 16, 2023


Greetings Keresians!

We hope that everyone has had a pleasant start to the year and are excited for all things to come. With all the uncertainty going on in the world you can at least be sure of one thing, Project Hydro keeps on building.
So let’s talk a little bit about what we have been up to for the first few months of 2023.


We have an extensive update set to be released to alpha testers this week.
This is one of the largest updates we have released to date and it is the final Alpha before we go on to release the public beta so let’s dive into what has been added.

First and foremost, let us introduce our new Map — The Kerexion!

“The Kerexion features architecture inspired by ancient monuments all over the world, vast megalithic walls as a symbol of Keresian oppression with Keresian runes outlining the ritualistic purpose of the battle arena in the Keresverse.”

The Kerexion houses a vast open courtyard featuring a megalithic temple in the middle — this temple serves as the focal point in the map and houses a crystalline chamber at its core.
This will entice long range rifle battles with swift attacks guarded by venerators at the rear.

With the Kerexion now taking its place as our main map — we have repurposed our first map, The Veluxion, into a shooting range with interactive tutorials set to serve as the onboarding environment to the Keresverse. Here the players can test shoot all of the weapons in peace, practice on moving targets, inspect their skins in action and much more.

With the public beta looming on the horizon, A set of Default skins have been crafted and introduced — these will be the starting skins for all players and will not be tradeable. These skins are crafted in a titanium alloy for the sleek neutral appearance and durability — ready to serve for decades as faithful tools of the warrior.

In addition to all of this, we have reduced the core of Weapons within the keresverse in order to focus on perfecting their precise gunplay. This means that some weapons available in earlier alphas have been removed but iterations of them will appear in the agent ability line up. This has allowed us to granularly work on each individual weapon and tweak their performance to be more inline with what we ultimately envision for the Keresverse.

The Keresverse Tokenomics will be revised to include a number of new feature updates that we are quite excited for as it will enhance the experience of our skins while in theory increasing their scarcity.

Let us present an excerpt from the upcoming revision to the Keresverse Whitepaper:

“Skin Reward Boosts

Players that equip skins when playing Keresverse will receive a reward boost in competitive play. The reward boost depends on a number of factors, specifically:

a) How many skin slots are equipped

b) Skin Tier

c) Skin Level

Skin Levels

Skins will have a base level, a mid level and a max level.

These levels can be achieved by combining a certain number of skins. This will decrease the supply of skins and act as a “skin sink,” while incentivizing players to upgrade and save every skin they can get their hands on.

Each level unlocks special animations, killtones and sounds that are associated with a certain skin.


Skin animations that lends extra flare to the skin. These can range from special animations when a player produces a kill to mutations of the weapon when reloading or firing to special inspection animations. Animations are activated at the Base level in a skin.


These refer to the sounds a skin makes when in use. The sound of firing a bullet, the sound of reloading and so on. These Sounds are activated at Mid level in a skin.

Kill tones

The Default Killtone is present on all default guns from the start but there are special killtones that can be attached to a player’s equipped skin once the skin has been fully upgraded. A player may choose between default kill tones and the skins inherit special killtone. The kill tones reflect which order of kill is made by the player, so if a player kills everyone in the opposing team — each kill will produce a different killtone that will play each time the player makes a kill. Kill tones are activated at the max level of a skin.”

Last but certainly not least, we have also started a comprehensive revision of the Keresverses UI to improve the overall user experience. A new modular in game buying menu has been introduced that accounts for future updates and additions to the weapons line up, The agent selection menu has been redesigned to account for the new selection process and the in game HUD has been redesigned to take up less space and be less intrusive while playing just to name a few of the changes.

As mentioned earlier — this update will be the last Alpha before we transition to the Public Beta and we hope that our Alpha testers will enjoy it. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Alpha testing team for their endeavour and feedback.

Please view our latest gameplay teaser below to get a sense for these comprehensive updates.

Keresverse Gameplay Teaser


Our developers have been hard at work in preparation for the launch of our subnet Regn.

After countless meetings and a lot of back and forth, the first draft of Regns whitepaper is coming together as we envisioned with the featureset in its architecture that we intended to support the Keresverse. This planning is key to the Keresverse Diamond and all of its features such as the reward system running optimally on Regn while retaining the gameplay experience standard we have set for ourselves.

The Regn Website is soon completed and ready to be deployed and our goal is to release the whitepaper in conjunction with the website release but we will reserve our rights to not make any promises in that area until we deem the whitepaper ready.

Aegir Wallet

A couple of weeks back we were made aware that Aegir wallet is not working on some devices.

we did some investigation & updated all libraries in the old version, we also cleaned all the clutter & removed unnecessary libraries that could be a reason for this bug. We’ll be testing it in the coming week before releasing it on Play Store.

As for the iOS version, the QR & biometric Components were replaced and adapted. We will be testing it out in the coming week thoroughly before releasing it on the Apple Store.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:



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