Hydro Development Updates 08 July 2021

Hello everyone, we’ve come with the July Development Updates. You can read about our previous development updates from here. Last month was really productive, we released a lot of products and made a lot of announcements, in case some of you guys have missed it, here’s the preview

You guys can keep yourself up-to-date with Hydro’s latest news and updates by following our social media accounts, specifically Twitter and Telegram. Now let’s get back to our development updates.

We participated in Binance Africa Hackathon on 17th June 2021, and presented our products and services. Most of our developers prioritized their time on this workshop to prepare and make it successful. We have uploaded a full recording of this session on our YouTube channel, so you can watch it.

We have released the first version of Hydro Swap last month, you guys can find the link above.

We are working on the next version update and the development is rapidly going on. We aim to use HydroSwap as the launching platform for Droplets as well as other things like NFTs & Gaming, you guys can expect more details in separate article when we will launch Version 2.0 of HydroSwap. Stay tuned for that.

We have ironed out most of the bugs. We received feedback about the issue while importing mnemonic seed from our community members, and it is now resolved. Implementation of the new design has been completed in all the screens, setting proper application name, modification in start screen, and color change in status bar.

We have also replaced all of the logos with high resolution one, this change has been done in most of the screens, for left over screens will be done in the next release. For the main cards section, wallet addresses have been removed from all of the cards to make it look flat & simple.

We also added support for Bitcoin which includes key generation and receiving Bitcoin. Support for balance checking is still in progress, so it will be included with other enhancements and features in the next update.

Remittance app development is ongoing… Re-enhancement of the UI is complete. We are now working on connecting the new front-end to the backend. We also added a button for the Remittances on the home screen of the Aegir Wallet which includes screens like login/register, 2-Factor Authentication, and Send money, to give our community a teaser. During this time, we will be doing code enhancements as well for better code readability. 3rd party API will be integrated for fiat conversion after finalizing it.

We are working tirelessly with the eMedchain team for integration and the release of their products. As of now, Snowflake and ICE integration has been done, we’re working on the final touch-ups of API for ICE. Almost all of the backend and frontend development has been done. As soon as we’re done with the API’s, we will be starting the Alpha testing. Keep an eye out on upcoming announcements.

We’re also performing a half yearly review of the firms who received the grants. Once that is complete, we will be releasing the NEW UNIFIED ROADMAP FOR 2021 JULY — 2022 August. We are also working on our Year in Review, as it’s been a year since we got elected to manage Project Hydro. Keep an eye out for our Year in Review.

Development of Media platform- Vitalium is in progress and ongoing at fast paced. We have installed and configured the Website. Also added some Website customization. We have been doing the testing concurrently and trying to iron out all the existing bugs. As of now it’s not connected to Blockchain, but we are planning and thinking of different network options on which we can deploy it.

Bloceducare team is working on the Hydro Lottery dApp, and currently the architecture is being written to ensure optimization. They’ve chosen ERC-1155 tokens to be used in the Smart Contract, so that gas fee can be reduced.

There are few things that are currently being reviewed like the number of daily lottery, how Hydro Lottery will sync with the Hydro Swap, etc. They have given 4 weeks of estimation time for Contract testing, so we will see more updates in upcoming weeks.

These are the ongoing development updates. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:

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