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4 min readApr 14, 2023


Greetings Keresians,

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of Project Hydro’s first quarter, demonstrating significant progress in our 2023 Roadmap. In this update, we will outline our principal accomplishments, which include the launch of the Keresverse Beta and the debut of our new Keresverse website.

Keresverse is now available to the public through our newly launched website. To access the public Keresverse Beta, Web3 gamers simply need to register and install Keresverse using our streamlined Keresverse Downloader. This process underscores our commitment to delivering seamless user experiences for our community.

The updated Keresverse website is richly populated with captivating new visuals, showcasing our weapons, agents, maps, and graphical elements. Alongside its striking design, the initial beta release of the Keresverse website also enables users to access a range of features, such as:

  • Register for a Keresverse account
  • Manage profile and login information
  • Upload or change avatars
  • Access the download section
  • Submit your feedback directly to the Keresverse team for their review and consideration

The Keresverse platform delivers a seamless user experience, facilitating effortless navigation through its diverse features and functionalities. This robust foundation positions Keresverse for substantial growth and development in the future.

We have made several improvements since the Alpha release, as detailed in the Keresverse Beta 1.0 Release Notes:


  • Introduction of Kerexion, a new Deathmatch/Control map
  • Addition of Veluxion, a new Training map
  • Implementation of crystal spawning during respawn wait times
  • Temporary removal of character abilities in Deathmatch and Control modes for focused gun mechanism testing; abilities will return later in the testing process


  • Limited selection to 8 basic weapons
  • Introduction of basic skins for each weapon
  • Addition of unique firing sounds for each weapon
  • Refinement of weapon stats, including damage, fire rate, spread, range, and multipliers
  • Implementation of a weapon weight system affecting movement speed based on the equipped weapon
  • Incorporation of a melee weapon (knife) with attack animation
  • Addition of sniper per-shot bullet load animation, indicating weapon readiness

UI Enhancements:

  • Revamping of all UI elements to align with the Keresverse theme
  • Integration of map sequences as background visuals
  • Improvement of character selection UI functionality, now featuring a timer, character lock, friendly team’s player info, and map and mode names


  • Introduction of a streamlined installer for faster and more efficient installation, automatically downloading necessary game files

Furthermore, we have updated the Keresverse whitepaper to reflect recent advancements in Keresverse Skins architecture, Animations, and tokenomics. The following excerpt from the Skin Levels section of the Keresian Grimoire (our Whitepaper) illustrates one such update:

“Skins have three levels: base, mid, and max. Players achieve these levels by combining skins, reducing supply, and creating a “skin sink,” incentivizing players to upgrade and collect all skins. Each level unlocks specific animations, kill tones, and sounds for a given skin.”

This adjustment enhances the scarcity of each Keresverse skin, allowing for a visually engaging experience for players.

Furthermore, we have prepared an extensive set of documents specifically for GameFi investors, designed to highlight the remarkable opportunities presented by Keresverse. These resources are intended to facilitate a broader awareness and adoption of the Keresverse vision. To illustrate, we would like to introduce our concise Keresverse One Pager:

We are immensely gratified to have reached these significant milestones within the first quarter of 2023, and we now invite all Hydrolites to take part in our journey.

Our objective is to expand awareness of Keresverse throughout the gaming world, inspiring gamers to register and demonstrate their abilities. We should enlighten them about the process of acquiring Keresverse Vouchers by staking Hydro and proudly display our intricately designed skins.

For those who may not know, staking Hydro on Hydroswap is currently the exclusive method to obtain Keresverse Skins, with participants receiving KVS tokens. Each KVS token will correspond to one random skin upon transitioning to the mainnet. To offer a preview of the available skins, we present some examples from the Magus collection:

Magus Devorator
Magus Knife

Having accomplished these significant updates in the first quarter, you may wonder what the future holds for Project Hydro and Keresverse. Rest assured, we are already working diligently on the 1.1 Beta update, which will incorporate numerous refinements, fixes, and perhaps even a few surprises for our community.

Additionally, the highly anticipated Diamond upgrade is on the horizon, involving the phased rollout of Keresverse Assets, its marketplace, and reward architecture — initially on Testnet before transitioning to Mainnet.

To ensure the success of these developments, our dedicated engineers continue to work tirelessly, striving to unlock the full potential of our ambitious plans.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:



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