Announcing first media partnership with CryptoNewsNet

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We are happy to announce our first media partnership with CryptoNewsNet. CryptoNewsNet is a decentralized news media outlet located in Indiana, US, who publishes top-quality news to the crypto people.

This Media Partnership helps to grow the awareness and adoption of HYDRO by promoting it to crypto markets, industries, and communities.

CryptoNewsNet mission is to create engaging content on its platform to connect projects to its ever-growing audience of thousands of international investors. They will deliver all major announcements of HYDRO in an engaging, curated format within their community in a timely manner.

About CryptoNewsNet:

CryptoNewsNet is a well-known news channel about blockchain companies. They create an engaging infographic content and promote them better with the ever-growing audience. Also partnered with many notable projects like Potcoin, GoldenRatio Token, Streamix, BitcoinSoV, Kiwi Token, NinjaCoin, MintMe, Webdollar, Beam, Bololex, SatoeXcchange, Southxchange, Atomars, Fides-Exchange, Dapp Centre, Crypto Ellis, SwanBitcoin, Revelation coin, Excoincial, Mutant Monsters, MB Marketing, and Latitude Services.

You can keep in touch with our team via one of our social channels:

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