Happy Tuesday Everyone! The pandemic has affected many Countries and activities around the world, and our team isn’t left out. Either someone in our team or someone in their family/relatives are sick, we’re hoping for their speedy recovery but blockchain never sleeps and the rest of us are working hard behind the scenes, developing products, dApps, and services. From today we’re starting Bi-weekly Development Update’s for our community.

As you guys know Project Hydro is an open source decentralized project. No single entity owns Hydro. Couple of months ago, we gave grants to 2 companies to build their products on…

Yay! We’re glad to announce the completion of Phase-1 and Phase-2 HYDRO token redistribution.

As per our recent announcement, we’re going to redistribute the new token in 3 phases. In Phase-1, we’ve redistributed new BEP20 Hydro tokens to all private wallet holders on their personal wallet. In Phase-2, we’ve redistributed new BEP20 Hydro tokens & ERC20 Hydro tokens to CoinEx, and they also have redistributed it to their users as well.

Redistribution details:

Phase-1 : To Private Wallet Holders

Phase-2 : To CoinEx- ERC20, BEP20

Regarding Phase-3 redistribution, we have already contacted every exchange on which Hydro’s trading to support…

Project Hydro held the Open Community Voting from 29th of Jan to 1st of Feb, so the community can vote for the reduced supply of the Hydro token. And the 111M option was chosen by the community as the new Total Supply.

The Project Hydro team has completed all the required developments of Smart Contract Redeployment. So we will contact exchanges to update it on their end, and will explain the token swapping process as well.

As you know that we’ve already announced that we are going to multi-chain, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will be the first one. Because…

There is nothing like “one chain to rule them all”, but a range of many blockchains co-exist with different specific use cases. Bitcoin and Ethereum run on single-chain networks but they would have to implement new technology or second layer solutions to function properly at scale. We cannot scale our project if we only stuck with Ethereum, and because of high Ethereum gas fees.

So it’s clear that going multi-chain could be one way to tackle the Ethereum high gas fee issue & a successful way for Project Hydro’s growth and adoption. …

Project Hydro is an open-source project driven by the community. And the Hydro community has always been a part of every major decision that evolves the Hydro ecosystem.

We interact with our community and listen to their ideas and suggestions carefully on a daily basis. There was always one thing that affected the community, “Hydro has a really big supply” this is what we heard from the beginning of Hydro Project, every rendition of the same sentence. We finally decided to take care of this issue for our community & investors. …

Partnership between Project Hydro & SparkPoint

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with SparkPoint. SparkPoint was founded in 2018 with aims to fast track mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. And Project Hydro can be helpful for this with the use of Hydro Protocols by bringing innovative and scalable smart contract applications to life.

This partnership is all about providing SparkPoint with access to Snowflake protocol and Raindrop API’s for integration of two factor authentication on their platform. Also other Professional Services such as customization, integration, data import and export, monitoring, technical support, maintenance, training, backup and recovery.

SparkPoint’s mission is to be a globally…


The Hydro Growth Squad program is the marketing campaign for the crypto fans who are the true believers of Hydro and want to spread information and awareness about Project Hydro.
Hydro Growth Squad are active Project Hydro community members who are passionate about building local communities around Hydro and help to make the project succeed. They will have to discuss and submit updates of their work on a regular basis.


As a part of the Hydro Growth Squad, you will help energize the Hydro community in your local community. All participants must have to pass the below requirements:

  1. Profound knowledge…

Welcome to the 7th and the last day of the announcement week. We recently released Hydro Web Wallet - ÆGIR this week. We would like to finish our announcements week with the announcement of long-awaited release of ÆGIR mobile wallet(Beta Version).

ÆGIR, the Hydro mobile wallet will be available soon for Android and iOS devices. …

Welcome to the 6th day of our announcement week. This week has been really amazing. We are honored to receive such support from our lovely community. Our developers were working tirelessly for the last 6 months on many products simultaneously like Donation dApp, Voteum dApp, Vapour App, and of course ÆGIR Web Wallet. After working for 4 months tirelessly we are really very excited to announce the teaser and first look of our Hydro Remittance app.

In this article we will go through the Remittance app step by step.

Welcome Screen:

It’s been a very busy end of the year for all Project Hydro team members and developers. The Hydro community has been asking for the Hydro wallet for some time and now we’re very happy to announce the release of Hydro Web Wallet- ÆGIR.

The ÆGIR Web Wallet provides a convenient way to interact with all aspects of the Hydro ecosystem. To interact with Snowflake and the wallet you must install MetaMask and have a balance of Ethereum in it.

Why did we choose the ÆGIR name for our Hydro Wallet?

ÆGIR is the god of the sea in Norse…

Project Hydro

Security & Identity on the Blockchain. https://projecthydro.org/

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